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G’day and thanks for dropping by to my author page. This is my little place in the world where I share my views – articles, short stories, book reviews, reviews of movies and TV, opinions and general blogs – on the things that interest me… namely crime, cops, justice/law and politics (and all things in between).

But not criminals. I don’t really like them.

After a long career in the Police Force, I’ve decided to turn my hand to writing. Firstly, though crime fiction with a distinct Aussie flavour. There’s not enough good Aussie crime fiction around and, frankly, I can’t get enough of it. Local stories about local places. My debut novel, Bordertown, *will be on the shelves in 2017.

*and by “will“, I mean hopefully, most likely, possibly, should be, all else being equal and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Secondly, true crime has also been an interest of mine for a long time. Well, duh! I’d love to write about the legend wallopers and the jobs they do, the crimes they solved and the people they’ve helped. And also those who have served and are struggling. Their stories are important too.

So this is my little Running Sheet, about stuff. I hope you enjoy looking through!

Important note

These ramblings and commentary are my own views, and my own views only. They’re not necessarily right and don’t represent the views of any other person or organisation


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