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Gregory James spent nearly two decades as a member of the police force, and about half that time as a detective. Working in the inner city and the bush, he experienced the good and the bad of human behaviour. A lot of wonderful things, and a whole lot of bad stuff. 

But being a cop has a shelf life. And it’s not like the television and movies.

People are fascinated by the work that cops do, with good reason. No day is ever the same. It’s exciting, sometimes frightening, but always noble. 

After leaving the police Gregory worked on his debut novel, Bordertown. It’s a story of a young detective, sent to the bush after accidentally shooting his partner during a bungled drug raid. What he faces when he gets there is a world of corruption and racism. It leaves him fighting for his very survival.

The first in a series of thrilling cop novels, Bordertown will leave you thinking about the tough job bush cops have. And a whole lot about the crime and corruption that existed in the 1980’s. 

Read the first chapter here.


Gregory is available for speaking engagements, interviews and appearances. 


Gregory James
0488 126 008

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