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The spinning plates of VLAD laws

In the distance you can hear it. Rumble, deep bursts of engine noise. Rat-ta-tat-tat. Roaring thunder. That’s the sound of a hoard of motorbikes revving in the distance. And it’s a sound that’s been absent from Queensland streets since the introduction of the VLAD laws in October 2013. Just the month earlier at a Broadbeach resturarant - while families with…

Review: A Time To Run

A Time To Run J.M. Peace Pan McMillan Australia  Time to run is the debut crime novel from J.M. Peace, the pseudonym for a current serving Queensland Police Officer. It’s a cleverly written crime thriller/police procedural that introduces us to Detective Janine Postlewaite, a determined and dedicated cop investigating the suspicious disappearance of one of her own. She’s also…

Book review

The murder of Allison Baden-Clay by David Murray Written by investigative journalist David Murray, and published in 2014, The murder of Allison Baden-Clay is a book about (you guessed it), the murder of Allison by her husband Gerard in Brisbane in April 2012. The book largely examines the relationship between the pair and how this deteriorated to the point of…


G'day and thanks for dropping by to my author page. This is my little place in the world where I share my views - articles, short stories, book reviews, reviews of movies and TV, opinions and general blogs - on the things that interest me... namely crime, cops, justice/law and politics (and all things in between). But not criminals. I…

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