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G'day and thanks for dropping by to my author page. This is my little place in the world where I share my views - articles, short stories, book reviews, reviews of movies and TV, opinions and general blogs - on the things that interest me... namely crime, cops, justice/law and politics (and all things in between). But not criminals. I…

So, how's your book going?

If you’re an aspiring author, this is a question you’ve been asked, possibly a thousand times. You’ve said that you’re writing a book, you’ve written it (presumably) and it a matter of just pressing ‘send’ and it’s live, right? What’s so hard? Not quite mate; hold your horses.  There’s no sarcasm in that statement; people are eagerly waiting for your…

Crime in the outback

The crime fiction genre is littered with offshoots about all manner of crime and thriller related topics. From detective stories and legal/courtroom dramas, to hard boiled noir, suspense and even horror. Throw in a bit of sex and you’ll cover romance as well!  Location and settings are just as diverse as the genre itself; the snowfields of Sweden, ancient cobblestoned laneways…

Have you ever shot someone?

It’s pretty interesting being a cop.  Despite the shelf life the job has, each day presents as a new and exciting chapter with something different always going on. A lot of boring stuff too, but for the large part a fair bit of variety. One day you might find yourself helping an old lady who’s fallen down the stars, the…

Six things I’ve learnt from writing a novel

Recently (I say ‘recently,’ but actually mean about three years ago) I finished my debut novel, a crime fiction story about a young detective in the Australian bush. It didn’t happen overnight and no, it didn’t come naturally. I had to learn the craft of writing fiction; opposed to the ‘fiction’ I used to write as a detective myself. That’s…

Flint Town

Recently I binge-watched yet another Netflix series (go easy on me, I`only do this twice a year) about cops, crime and all things related. Still scratching my head after the whole “Making a Murderer” podcast fiasco, I didn’t know what to expect. But this is a series that has shone a light on America, all its problems and the resilience…

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