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About Gregory

Gregory James is a former detective who – while waiting for his real life to begin (cue: Colin Hay) – took up writing to turn real life stories and concepts into fiction. 

As a kid growing up in country Queensland, Gregory was fascinated with stories about cops and the Australian landscape. Reading the tales of legendary larrikin Les Norton (by author Robert G Barrett) fuelled his love of great Australian crime yarns.  

He lived the life of a policeman for nearly two decades in both the city and the bush, experiences that now make up much of his extensive portfolio of novel ideas.  

His debut novel Bordertown (released in 2019) follows the story of a down-and-out young detective who’s cast into a world of corruption and racism. It’s the start of many adventures and challenges in both the outback and the city.

In his spare time (everyone’s got that, right?) Gregory earns a crust as a consultant investigator and trainer, between trying unsuccessfully to lower an ever-increasing golf handicap. 

He lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  

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